Sep 8, 2016

Sponsorship Helps Hockey Club get it Wright!

Woofenden is proud to sponsor Exe Hockey Club. We spoke to player, Kate Wright, about her passion for hockey and what the sponsorship means for young people at the club.

Kate Wright Exe Hockey Player 
I started playing hockey at school, aged 7. It wasn’t something my parents pushed me into, but I had a sports scholarship to a school in Taunton. I realised that I was good at it when at 11, I was competing in the county under-14s trials. I went with my second-hand stick, admiring all their new kit. Even my current stick is an ex-demo stick; I like it being ‘broken in’! 
I’ve always been into sports and have competed at horseriding, trampolining, swimming and various other sports, but eventually chose hockey as my passion. I love the competitiveness of it; the team spirit; “I love winning” and being the best that I can be. We don’t know which of us will be in the new team yet. We’re all in contention at the moment. I take every opportunity I can to improve my fitness and my game. I was injured for the last half of last season, so I’ve got a lot to catch up on, but we all work so hard at training and it’s very intense at the moment!
On Monday 5th September, we played ISCA 1sts who are in our league, and beat them 2-1.  This weekend we are off to the Olympic Park in London for the whole weekend to compete in the PLUM tournament. That is such an exciting prospect. I went there when the Olympics were on, but to play on the pitch would be a huge privilege. 
Given how well the British Women’s Hockey team did in Rio, winning Gold, we’re expecting interest in the game to increase. I don’t envisage myself at the next Olympics, it’s a bit late for me, but there are lots of girls I’ve played with over the years in the West of England team who were selected for the Olympics. It’s so tough and it’s their full time job. Maddie Hinch, the Team GB goal keeper, didn’t get into London, but got into Rio and is now the best goal keeper in the world – that’s what 4 years’ intensive training does.
My day job as a PE teacher at Kings School Ottery allows me to coach and teach young adults. The coaching helps me to build a rapport with a smaller group of talented players, whereas teaching is much more about inclusion and helping everyone to enjoy the sport. From many people’s experience of hockey at school, they might not really recognise the game any longer. They’ve changed a lot of the rules of hockey recently to make it more interesting and enjoyable.  It’s about getting people involved and many spectators will have seen Maddie Hinch coming alive during the new, more exciting, penalty rules.
Woofenden’s sponsorship is so brilliant for us. We’re not a ‘superclub’ and really rely on sponsorship, so our committee were thrilled. Knowing Woofenden’s ethos, it really reflects Exe Hockey. We’re a very local team, we’re growing too and Woofenden’s family focus matches really well with our aims for developing our juniors. Sponsorship helps us not only to support our first team, but also to buy equipment for our younger players. Whilst Exe Hockey is a women-only hockey club, our under 16s are mixed. They’re very important to us; they’re the future of hockey.