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Cottage Front Restoration

The owners of this property in a Devon village told us about their experience of using Woofenden Construction to replace the frontage on their beautiful cottage…

We are so pleased with how it has come out. A very professional job and we couldn’t be happier. All the workmen were polite, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about the task ahead. 

We initially wanted the property frontage replaced as the wall was patchy: some stippled parts, some flat bits and also a few chunks had fallen out!  As the job progressed it was obvious that it was a bigger task than we initially thought – and needed to be done – as some of the brickwork was “wobbly” and would have eventually given way. We were advised that the rotten lintels and various other parts that needed replacing could possibly mean some of the front could fall down. Full scale replacement went ahead.

Kentisbeare Cottage Before 1 Kentisbeare Cottage Before 2

Whilst making a cup of tea one morning, all of a sudden there was daylight in the lounge, where some of the precarious bricks had been removed through the old bread oven. It was actually only half a brick thick. It was certainly odd looking at the outside through the lounge wall! Woofenden advised us on how best to preserve this feature and bricked it up securely.

Kentisbeare Cottage Before 3 Kentisbeare Cottage After

Every day when they were working on the house, or if we were out front, local villagers and passers-by stopped to admire their handiwork and to chat and enquire about the various stages of the renovation. We should have sold viewing tickets! We have received so many comments on how fabulously it has turned out! One of the workmen etched a smiley face into one of the coats of plaster which was very entertaining for the kids on their way to school! Some did ask if we could keep the smiley face!

We wanted to get a more traditional “cottagey” look and that is exactly what was delivered using the right materials for our property.